Greenbow operates its shop in the former laundry facilities of an historic building in the Old Escondido neighborhood of Escondido, CA.  We have done work on homes in historic neighborhoods throughout San Diego County including North Park, Golden Hill, Mission Hills, Talmadge and City Heights in San Diego; as well as homes in North San Diego County in Old Escondido, Historic Oceanside, Carlsbad, Rancho Santa Fe and Rancho Bernardo.  We are a General Contractor, CA license #969101


Jeremy Lieurance, founder.   Jeremy has been living in, working on and managing historic buildings for many years. photo 1 Some of his first “jobs” as a kid were working on his grandfather’s historic house on 6th Ave in the neighborhood of Old Escondido.  He has a passion for old buildings, the spirit of a preservationist and the experience of work on numerous historic residences in San Diego County.  He brings his know-how of new and old building technology, a passion for early twentieth century architecture and his attention to detail to your home projects.

Why Wood Windows?  Wood windows have been used for centuries, and for good reason.  They are durable, they insulate better than most modern materials such as metal or vinyl, they are repairable, and the charm and beauty they bring to your home is unmatched.DSC_7380

Timber is a wonderful renewable resource and when used responsibly can be used to make windows that future generations will enjoy for many years, and at the same time providing healthy stores of resources for future generations.DSC_7592

Because traditional wood windows can be readily repaired by carpenters without specialized hardware or proprietary manufacturing techniques, their life-span is greatly extended beyond that of vinyl, fiberglass or metal windows adding value to your home that is unmatched by any other conventional window.



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