Sash and Millwork Reproduction

We always try to repair first — a large part of wood windows’ value is their ability to be repaired for generations beyond the lifespan of windows constructed from other materials.  However, replacement with a custom reproduction may be the best solution for safety, security, historical appropriateness and/or aesthetics.

We can mill a single piece of wood to match and repair many traditional styles of window.

We can rebuild a missing or damaged sash to match the existing windows in your historic home.

We can build an entire window or set of windows — from sub-sill to head casing to exacting standards.

We can produce windows in historically appropriate styles that meet modern energy and building standards for your remodel and addition projects.


Traditional wood sash built with modern insulated glass units for a 1920s Craftsman Bungalow.


Old and New.   The old sash are being restored; the new sash are being built for an addition to an historic residence.


1890s doublehung sash windows.  One of them is a replacement built in our shop in 2015 for this Victorian beauty.



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